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Yamaha DTX900M Electronic Drum Kit Module / Brain Trigger NEW

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Yamaha DTX900M
Electronic Drum Module
Brand new in unopened box.
Module on its own, the rest of the kit in the photos is not included and just for display purposes.
The Yamaha DTX900M drum module (previously: DTX900) takes the performance of your digital drum set to the next level. This uncompromising drum module has a gigantic collection of sounds, samples and effects on board. For example, you get 1,115 drum voices and 211 melody voices to use at your disposal so you can play out every creative idea on a whim. The stack and alternate functions create possibilities that are typically only accessible with acoustic drum sets. Finally, you can add all of your favourite samples via the USB port.

DTX900: Varied DSP effects
The Yamaha DTX900 drum module with 512 MB of sampling memory makes use of DSP effects for a rich sound palette. With different reverb and chorus effects and a pair of equalizers you can adjust your sound in detail. Via diverse practice options your drumming technique will improve in leaps and bounds, and you can also make use of the built-in metronome. Quickly and easily personalize this drum module with various jack connections, MIDI support and USB ports.