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Roland CY-12R/C 12" Ride or Crash Cymbal Electronic 3 Zone Trigger Pad

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Roland CY-12R/C 12" Electronic 3 ZoneRide or Crash Cymbal Trigger

Very good condition and perfect working order

The CY-12R/C V-Cymbal Ride/Crash is a 12-inch electronic cymbal that brings V-Cymbal technology to a very affordable price. This expressive dual-trigger cymbal offers the natural rebound, inertia and "swinging" motion of an acoustic cymbal, plus cymbal choke capabilities, making it perfect for use as a ride, crash or even a splash cymbal on V-Drums systems and other electronic drum sets.

  • 12" electronic ride/crash cymbal with natural "swinging" motion and inertia
  • Circular design, weight and striking surface closely modeled after acoustic cymbals
  • Dual-trigger design for triggering different sounds on edge/bow and bow/bell of cymbal
  • Three-way triggering (edge/bow/bell) available with TD-20X, TD-20, TD15, TD11, TD-12, TD-9 and TD-4 modules. Also available with the TD-10 sound module equipped with the later version of TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board (TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control)
  • Supports cymbal "chokes" for more dynamic playing
  • Compatible with all Roland electronic percussion sound modules, plus HPD-15 and SPD-20

Size - 12"

Three way triggering (Bow/Bell/Edge)

Connectors - BOW/BELL Output Jack, BOW/EDGE Output Jack